About Wix

Wix is a very simple website builder which allows you to create any type of website with ease. You can quickly make a beautiful blog, eCommerce store, business site, online portfolio, photography website, or any other sort of website using Wix. If you want an even easier option, you can utilize Wix Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI) which assembles a personalized website for you according to your answers to a few simple questions. For advanced users, there is also the Wix Code alternative.

Wix is a fully-hosted platform including hosting and domain services for you. Additionally, it’ll deal with your site security, and provides you with simple tools for search engine optimization (SEO). In other words, it’s a full package site building service, which is very good for beginners. Wix.com was set in 2006 together with the objective to enable everyone to produce their own website. It now has over 110 million consumers across 190 nations. It’s now one of the most widely-used site builders and uses the 2nd most-used cloud-based site builder technologies.


You will find a few Designs that Wix offer for producing sites, in addition to a slew of templates. To complement such templates, Wix has some amazingly helpful tools and elements. The post editor is incredibly user friendly and worldwide — which makes the process of getting your posts from conception to book very simple. You may easily integrate your written posts for taking Facebook comments and sharing on societal media feeds, the typical tagging and categorizing articles. On top of that you are able to schedule them for publication to a framework that matches.

Wix Price Plans

Wix Is the easiest website builder, surprisingly it’s also affordable!

Wix’s Basic plans start at just $14/month. For many higher plans, you will find a free domain name worth $15, enough bandwidth & storage. Besides the pricing, it is possible to try Wix for FREE.

1. Standard plan — $14/month

2. Combo strategy — $14/month (Recommended for novices, since you’ll find a completely free domain & the domain name set up automatically. You don’t need to purchase a new domain name & connect it)

3. Unlimited strategy — $18/month (Highly Recommended for everybody. This gives you full freedom. Everybody enjoying is strategy & undoubtedly you will enjoy)

4. Pro — $23/month (This is really cheaper than any other program. . ! Wix provide complete eCommerce features only for $17/month while other are costly form eCommerce & nearly all fantastic eCommerce solution charges you greatly. Wix provides one of the simplest online shops as well as lowest because user base is increasing & Wix IPO or inventory is skyrocketing. So they don’t have to generate a high profit, rather they care about customer satisfaction with little gain.)

5. VIP – $39/month (Just amazing, encounter the real unlimitedness)

6. Business Basic (ecommerce) – $23/month

7. Business Unlimited (ecommerce) – $27/month

8. Business VIP (ecommerce) – $49/month

9. Enterprise – $500/month

Wix Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI)

Wix ADI is usable by anybody, no matter how it generates your site by asking you a few basic queries and collecting whatever information is available from an online search of your business. Having the ADI-guided approach to website creation might save you a little time.

Wix Editor

Editing is done with a drag and drop user for absolute website design novices, who just need something easy, it’s most likely the best version of Wix to use. And offers you a lot more control over the design and characteristics of your website than ADI. It is roughly equal in complexity to using Microsoft Word to lay out a newsletter.

Corvid by Wix

‘Corvid by Wix‘ (formerly called ‘Wix Code’) lets you make database collections. If that sounds scary and not like something you’d ever need to do, then instead consider Data Collections as Documents.

Create lots of web pages automatically using a template packed with information in the spreadsheet.

Corvid is unquestionably on the technical end of The range — but even if you never use it, it opens up chances if you choose to employ a web developer down the line.

Advantages of Using Wix

Wix all programs are really worth you should compare with other site builders. It doesn’t mean Wix is inferior quality, But Wix got a huge investment, and thus they give cheaper strategy while they simply make a little profit. The little gain can sustain Wix business Due to their user base is growing and client isn’t leaving. So this increase investors confident & Wix is updating, innovating quicker even they do not make the profit.

Disadvantages of Using Wix

For the fundamental program, they don’t provide free domain name, you have to purchase & connect another domain. If you’re just beginning, you might find hard to connect it.

For fundamental plans, they place Wix advertisements in the footer. (But it is too economical & Wix is not really charge for unnecessary items.

Customer Support and Knowledgebase

Like Speed & safety, Wix websites have a benefit of being an all-purpose solution. If there’s an issue, it is on Wix to repair it. There is no tracking down the main problem or figuring out who or what is at fault.

When something isn’t right, or any time you wish to edit anything, you can get in contact with customer support. Wix will support via Knowledge Base, Phone, and Mail Tickets. Since they operate a proprietary platform, they could in fact address any issue you have.


Wix is a Its positive points would be the easiness of use, the quantity and quality of its own templates, in addition to the official program shop, filled with free and premium programs that will improve all kind of websites. Last but not least, Wix can be used by almost anybody, since it doesn’t need any advanced tech skills, like programming.

So, with all this in your mind, everyone should weigh all its pros and cons prior to using this Platform, browse other testimonials, take a look at other websites constructed with Wix and even test it before really using it, in order to get a clearer idea about this tool.