Liquid Web is a hosting firm dedicated to cloud and web professionals. The business was founded 22 decades back and now employs nearly 250+ experienced administrators, engineers, customer service representatives, and technicians.

The company concentrates on the quality of Both managed web hosting services and technical support staff. They offer dedicated servers, cloud VPS hosting, hosting cloud sites, managed WordPress hosting, handled WooCommerce hosting, and custom hosting options.

Liquid Web hosting reviews Are Usually very positive, and many Bloggers have commended their super-fast load time and committed support staff. I have been wanting to test them for a while today, so let us get going and consider the good (and poor ) sides of the controlled WordPress offer.

Rate and Performance of Liquid Web

If you browse hosting provider Reviews often, you know how reaction times are an important element when it comes to assessing the quality of hosting services.

After my website was established, I Hurry to check my website’s load time: Due to Liquid Web’s fast SSD disk and server optimisation, Google Page Speed Insight rated the site 98/100 on cellular, and 99/100 on desktop.

Pingdom rated the site 96/100, With a 220 ms loading time. Fantastic response times like this are a must-have in terms of user experience and SEO.

Another very important aspect Of site quality is your uptime. In the event you aren’t aware of it yet, uptime is the percent of the time that a server is available. Consequently, if a server has a 95% uptime, then it means that the server and the sites hosted on it are available to visitors 95% of their time.

Uptime Is taken very seriously by Liquid Web, which promises a 100% uptime guarantee: In the last 3 weeks, a 100% uptime was recorded. The company is very honest and transparent in their goods’ uptime and has even created a publicly available chart at which you are able to confirm the performance of the hosting services.

The platform of Liquid Web is Constructed on the newest technology such as PHP7, SSL, and Nginx, to improve WordPress’s speed.

Security Characteristics of Liquid Web

All Liquid Web hosting and VPS Programs are fully secured by a committed group of specialists.

First thing to look at when It comes to host security is copies. In the event of a problem occurring on your site like a hacking attempt or only a mistake from your part, a fresh backup is a must-have, since it will allow you to restore your website as it was prior to this problem.

Liquid Web’s Managed WordPress Hosting plans all feature daily or on-demand backups, so users are always covered.

As much as copies are Extremely significant, there are many more features Liquid Internet is pleased to provide on all their strategies:

· DDoS Attack Prevention: Real-time monitoring mitigates visitors to shield your website and host from sudden attacks.

· Compliance Assistance: Shield your clients’ sensitive data with the most secure hardware and applications, crafted to your business.

· Data Protection: We can assist you to protect your site and ensure it stays secure, giving you additional time to focus on your organization.

· Server Protection: Hardened configurations provide time-saving alterations to your OS improving security, reliability, and compatibility.

· Web Application Security: A web application firewall requires no extra hardware and delivers stability to internet applications with customizable rules.


Reliability Is a crucial element of hosting, particularly for professional users. If your website is down or a bad performer, that will quickly get you a bad reputation with your visitors.

To quantify Reliability, we use to track a test website over a period of a week.

Liquid Internet scored a perfect 100% uptime, without a single Collapse within our over 2,000 checks. Average response time was excellent at 214ms (most shared

Hosting servers achieve nearer to 300ms, some are 400ms and more.) Google’s PageSpeed Insights evaluation and Bitcatcha’s server test also very favorable outcomes.

Consistency Is important, and Liquid Web scores well here, also. We saw one significant blip of 721ms, but average response times outperformed many competitors at 200-300ms, implying our site would deliver consistent and reliable performance with time.

Control Panel Options

Managed WordPress programs come with a custom control panel Specifically designed for handling multiple WordPress websites.

For every other program on Web, you get a choice of using cPanel / WHM, or using Plesk.

6 Reasons Why Liquid Internet Is Far Better than Other Hosts

There are too many ways to list that Liquid Web stands Out from your average hosts, but here are the most significant:

1. Migrations

2. Fully Managed

3. Cloudflare CDN

4. Straightforward Scaling

5. Premium Company Email (Add-On Product)

6. SSD Storage.


Liquid Web has a migration team that will migrate your Websites to Liquid Web for free. If they can not for any reason, they will encourage you through the procedure.

Fully Managed

Since I’ve said, all servers come fully Managed.

They treat everything concerning server health, Like updates, security, hardware maintenance, and much more.

Cloudflare CDN

Most programs includes a Cloudflare CDN to function resources.

Simple Scaling

Depending on the plan, it requires either no clicks or one Click to scale up to deal with an increase in traffic.

Premium Business Email

They have inexpensive programs where Liquid Web will take Care of email spam, setup, maintenance, and much more.

SSD Storage

All programs come a significant quantity of SSD disk space.

SSDs are much quicker compared to HDDs, which means server Operations and site loading times will probably be quicker .

Is Liquid Web Right Solution For You?

I Think It Is hard not to urge Liquid Web. The support and performance are miles ahead of all competitors.

But for your website specifically, you need to determine How much functionality and support you require, and what that’s worth.

Liquid Web is not the cheapest host. If budget is your Primary concern, you might want to explore bargain hosting options with fewer features.

If you do want excellent Performance and service, visit Liquid Web now to see if they Would be the ideal fit.