Founded More than 20 decades back, US-based Liquid Web has grown into a $100 million web hosting company which manages 1.5 million websites for 45,000+ customers across its ten global data centers.

The Provider Offers strong managed hosting products targeted squarely at business and professional users. That means no free programs or basic shared hosting — Liquid Internet is about high performance, highly configurable cloud hosting, controlled software and dedicated server solutions.

If you are used to customer hosting providers then prices can Look high. The simplest Personal Managed WordPress program costs $15.83 a month on the yearly program, for instance, which makes you 15GB SSD storage, 2TB bandwidth and service for one website. Along with the $65.83 per month Freelance plan still only provides a 40GB storage, 3TB bandwidth and service for four sites.

Meanwhile Bluehost’s Build product provides unmetered bandwidth and storage and service for unlimited sites for $24.95 on the yearly program, $29.95 online renewal.

Web Hosting Services

Businesses Need robust web hosting services to The company has a selection of cloud, dedicated, reseller, virtual private server (VPS), and WordPress server packages with enough flexibility and muscle to power the likes of Eddie Bauer, Home Depot, National Geographic, Porsche, and Symantec. Be prepared to pay premium prices for this handled, enterprise-class service, nevertheless, and forget about the more affordable shared hosting tier of service: Liquid Web does not offer it. Smaller companies may favor PCMag’s overall favorite internet hosts, DreamHost, HostGator, and Hostwinds, which provide more affordably priced packages offering shared hosting plans.

Liquid Internet excels in hosting; in fact, that is the With managed hosting, a business does not house its servers on site. Instead, the servers have been hosted in a web host datacenter. That might sound like a description of exactly what each hosting service does, however, Liquid Web goes beyond just serving up documents remotely. The company can handle all the website’s administrative duties and support tasks, irrespective of scale and sophistication. Since you’d likely suspect, this kind of service was created with large businesses in your mind. Liquid Internet’s managed hosting is also rather expensive, but with the major ticket comes large specs.

No Shared Web Hosting

As Previously Mentioned, Liquid Web Doesn’t offer shared hosting, that Is Usually used by individuals And the smallest of businesses. If you would like to dabble in that hosting group, you have to look elsewhere.

Security Features

Want Security? Liquid Web’s got you covered. The company Provides firewalls, Secure Socket Layer (SSL), virtual private networks (VPN), malware scanning and removal, and even more.

Some features come bundled with particular bundles, while Others you will need to buy as add-ons. Liquid Web has free nightly backups, too, which will protect you if your website suffer massive harm.

Account setup

Liquid Web Hosting could be aimed at professional users, but the service site goes to unusual efforts to explain its own product range.

Take your VPS control panel, for example. Most providers provide CPanel, but there’s a fantastic chance you won’t find out that till you sign up.

If you’re Still unsure exactly what you require, the Liquid Web site provides live chat where you can request a sales agent to learn more. We gave this a try and also the broker quickly replied all our product and technical questions.

Once you’re It is all very straightforward, and your account ought to be activated at speed.

We signed up To get a managed WordPress plan, and within minutes a welcome email came including our login credentials, advice on migrating a previous website, and links for our account, the WordPress games console, the charging area and support tools.

Creating a website

Liquid Internet’s plans provide various ways to construct and manage your websites. Exactly what you’ll see is based on the product that you buy and how it’s configured.

Accessibility to Softaculous, an excellent platform that can automatically install WordPress and hundreds of other top apps.

Liquid Web does not include any Website builders, however, the free variations you get with a few providers are generally very limited, with limits of site size, the number of pages and more. You are able to install a site builder of your own, however, or use an online service like Wix or even Weebly.

The management features you’ll see depend upon your own plan and Control panel. Ours had so many that we don’t have the space to even outline them, but all these are simply a few of the things on the sidebar: Performance (caching, CDN); Access (SSH, FTP); Environment (PHP version, WordPress update settings); SSL (auto-install a free certificate); MySQL (create and manage databases); Mail (create and manage email accounts); backups, staging and much more.

Smart touches Include the Visual Replies attribute. Automatically updating WordPress plugins can break your website if there is a bug, so Liquid Web manages this very carefully: it makes a duplicate of your site, takes screenshots of key webpages, performs the upgrade and takes screenshots again. If anything has changed, the service raises an alert, and you are able to reassess the screenshots, and manually approve the upgrade.


Reliability is a Crucial element of hosting, particularly for professional users. If your site is a bad performer, that will quickly get you a bad reputation with your customers.

To quantify reliability, we use to monitor a test site over a Period of a week.

Liquid Web scored a perfect 100% uptime, with no single failure over Our more than 2,000 checks. Normal response time was excellent at 214ms (most common hosting servers reach closer to 300ms, some are 400ms and more.) Google’s PageSpeed Insights evaluation and Bitcatcha’s server test also very favorable outcomes.

Consistency is vital, and Liquid Web scores well here, also. We saw 1 significant blip of 721ms, but typical response times outperformed many competitors at 200-300ms, implying our website would provide dependable and consistent performance with time.

Liquid Web Expert Review

Liquid Web is among those most popular web hosting services available today, with a reputation for variety and flexibility. With approximately 30,000 clients around the world, the company has spent the past twenty years building its specialized web hosting empire. Our tests set out to discover if the company’s relatively significant prices afforded extraordinary hosting alternatives.

We Found that Liquid Web’s selection of feature-rich plans and versatility that they Give you truly set them apart from rivals. Additionally, the Customizability these programs offer, combined with near-instantaneous load times And highly reliable uptimes, position Liquid Web as one of the main options For medium and large companies.