Chez Ashton has become a culinary gem in Quebec City, offering a delightful menu that celebrates the unique flavors of Quebecois cuisine. Established in 1969 in Quebec City, Canada, Chez Ashton has grown into a beloved fast-food chain, celebrated for its commitment to serving flavorful and satisfying meals that reflect the essence of Quebec’s culinary heritage. In this article, we will embark on a flavorful Quebecois culinary journey, explore the world of Chez Ashton, savor its delectable offerings, and uncover why it remains a favorite choice for those seeking an authentic taste of Quebec.

1. The Chez Ashton Story

Chez Ashton was founded with a passion for showcasing the rich and diverse flavors of Quebecois cuisine. Today, it stands as a symbol of Quebec’s culinary pride and a cherished spot for locals and visitors alike.

2. Quebecois Poutine

At the heart of Chez Ashton’s menu is its iconic Quebecois Poutine, featuring crispy fries topped with cheese curds and savory gravy, creating a mouthwatering delight that has become a Quebecois favorite.

3. Hot Dogs with a Quebec Twist

Chez Ashton tantalizes taste buds with its signature hot dogs, incorporating a Quebec twist with delicious toppings like poutine sauce and coleslaw.

4. Steamé: The Classic Steamé Hot Dog

The Steamé is a classic Quebecois hot dog served steamed in a soft bun and topped with mustard, coleslaw, and relish, offering a unique taste and texture.

5. Chez Ashton’s Sauce Collection

Chez Ashton elevates its offerings with a collection of mouthwatering sauces, each carefully crafted to complement the flavors of its dishes.

6. Quebecois Classics and Beyond

Beyond Poutine and hot dogs, Chez Ashton’s menu features a variety of Quebecois classics like burgers, chicken sandwiches, and more, all prepared with a touch of Quebecois flair.

7. Embracing Local Ingredients

Chez Ashton takes pride in using local and fresh ingredients in its dishes, highlighting the abundance of Quebec’s agriculture and culinary offerings.

8. A Fast-Food Tradition

Chez Ashton represents a beloved fast-food tradition in Quebec, serving flavorful and satisfying meals that evoke a sense of comfort and nostalgia.

9. Multiple Locations, One Flavorful Experience

With multiple locations across Quebec City, Chez Ashton ensures that locals and visitors alike can savor the taste of Quebecois culinary excellence.

10. A Legacy of Quebecois Flavor

As Chez Ashton continues to delight taste buds, its legacy of serving flavorful Quebecois delights remains at the heart of its success.


In conclusion, Chez Ashton stands as a culinary treasure, offering a flavorful journey through the rich and diverse tastes of Quebecois cuisine. From the iconic Quebecois Poutine to the Steamé hot dog and a collection of mouthwatering sauces, every item on the menu reflects a dedication to showcasing the essence of Quebec’s culinary heritage. With a legacy rooted in culinary pride, embracing local ingredients, and delivering a fast-food tradition of flavor, Chez Ashton remains a cherished choice for those seeking an authentic and satisfying taste of Quebec that leaves them craving for more.