InMotion Hosting is a major web hosting company serving customers around the world. We supply dependable, high-performance hosting environments that are affordable and user friendly. The hallmark of InMotion is excellence in client service. Our aim is to delight every client with friendly service that’s readily accessible, specialist and effective. InMotion is a trustworthy partner for businesses both large and small, with over 17 years in the hosting business and more than 100,000 satisfied customers. We care about our community and the environment, together with green information centers and ongoing sustainability programs.

InMotion is one of the very best web hosting providers round. Known for its infinite attributes and superb support, InMotion is a great choice for any budding business.

While not quite on the same level general as Bluehost, InMotion nevertheless has a great deal to offer. And, based upon your needs, InMotion might be the best option for you.

The issue with web hosting services is that there are so many . It’s hard to know which one delivers the right solutions for your requirements at the perfect price.

Which are InMotion’s Features?

The first thing to clarify is that InMotion has five different Kinds of hosting services:

All of these have various attributes, as they’re made for different requirements. Most personal and small business websites will be OK with shared hosting — it is the least expensive way to host your site, and has the abilities to handle regular waves of traffic.

InMotion’s most basic account is named Shared Business Hosting. This plan includes infinite disk space and bandwidth, which is particularly excellent. Unlimited bandwidth is quite common, but unlimited disc space for your website is not, at least in the fundamental level.

Disk space is basically the quantity of storage your website has. You will need disk space to host everything on your site — the more pages, content and media you have, the more disk space you’ll need.

Bandwidth is the number of data that may be transmitted at once. Think of bandwidth such as a bridge: only a certain amount of cars can cross at any given time. If the bridge doesn’t have a limit on cars, it may allow as many as you can to cross simultaneously.

InMotion also offers you a free SSL certificate, which in turn gives your website HTTPS. This is just another rarity at this pricing level, but it’s an integral feature for businesses since Google favors sites secured with HTTPS over regular, insecure HTTP sites.

This simple plan also covers two websites, whereas most major hosts only allow one website on its basic program. Like other services, you will also get a free domain.

There is also free hack protection, free backups, and DDoS protection. The free copies are really nice, although not all hosts provide this for free. The DDoS protection is also intriguing, although many of those larger web hosts are constructed to withstand any significant denial of service attacks.

As with other providers, InMotion also includes its very own drag-and-drop site builder for people that aren’t going down the WordPress route.

You’ll be able to handle your hosting from InMotion’s cPanel. This is a widely used, intuitive dashboard that’s simple to get to grips with.

Inmotion’s Advanced Features

If your requirements stretch a little farther than shared hosting, then there is plenty of other alternatives. InMotion’s managed VPS hosting, for example, includes server management and automatic security upgrades .

Dedicated hosting is just another route to go down, but that is usually reserved for large sites or enterprise-level businesses. InMotion’s dedicated hosting includes multi-layer security, 20x faster loading times with free SSD, along with your launch assistant to get things off the floor.

What Products Can InMotion Offer?

Like many other hosting providersthey do not only provide shared hosting programs. To assist you choose the product that best fits your needs, let me quickly go over what they provide.

Other providers offer more variety. Domains price $15.99 annually, which is cheaper than most direct rivals.

Shared hosting: Among their most well-known products. The prices range from $11.99 to $24.99 per month for 12-month prices. This type of hosting is acceptable for small to moderate projects that don’t require unusual server configurations.

WordPress shared hosting: Pretty much every shared hosting provider offers WordPress hosting plans too. At InMotion these start at $9.99 per month and go all of the way up to $36.99 per month. Besides such as a CDN and an integrated backup system (for several plans), I am not sure what the differences are with the regular shared hosting plans.

VPS (Virtual Private Server): These are hosting servers subdivided into smaller (virtual) servers using a special piece of software. This means you could configure the server as you please and you also don’t need to share the available resources with other websites. VPS InMotion Hosting packages go from $54.99 to $144.99 a month.

Dedicated: Meant for larger projects (e.g. 400,000 + visitors / month) that require the maximum performance. You are going to require a budget for this, as they start at $169.99 a month.

Cloud VPS hosting: Cloud hosting is a bit of a novelty in the hosting world. You can imagine this as a network of many servers that host your website interconnected with each other. It’s especially convenient for jobs that have altering resources demands (e.g. they get sudden traffic peaks). Cloud hosting packages start at $54.99 per month in InMotion.

Site builder: To the less tech-savvy, they have a site builder that does not require programming knowledge to design your site. To be fair, it’s somewhat overpriced as it starts at $9.99 per month, additional easy-to-use alternatives are much cheaper.

However, it does not stop there. In addition they possess a reseller hosting application so that you can sell your own hosting accounts for your customers, additionally, there are enterprise hosting options for unusually large jobs, amongst other items.

But in this InMotion Hosting review, I’d like to research their shared hosting plans, so from today, I will refer to those in my own analysis.