Square Online Review – Features, Benefits and Pricing Analysis

With Square Online, you can produce a professional website to showcase your business online, sell your items, and take payments with Square. Together with our easy-to-use website builder, spend less time establishing Square Online, and much more time focusing on what matters most: your small business.

Setting up a site for the first time? Have a look at this webinar.

Should you have to start processing payments right away, it is possible to skip account verification and finish it afterwards with provisional activation.

To sell individual items without setting up an internet shop, consider Square Online Checkout links. Checkout links allow you to sell things through email, social media, or simply by hosting them on your own blog.

Still not sure if Square on the internet is a right fit for your business? Find out more about picking the right online store for your business.

Why Go With Square Online

Square Online is a special product because it offers online sales tools for small companies of all kinds (retail, restaurant, cafe, service, and much more ) for completely free. Additionally, it syncs with Square’s POS products, which are also free to use.

As your business develops, Square has compensated programs you’ll be able to upgrade to. While Square Online isn’t as robust as other popular ecommerce platforms like Shopify (read our Shopify vs Square breakdown), it offers an unbeatable value for brick and mortar businesses that need an internet presence.

Square Online has some benefits over other Ecommerce providers. These include:

Its cost structure, which is based upon a small commission and adjusted fee

The very fact It Can seamlessly integrate with an externally managed inventory management system

How to start

If you’ve already signed up for Square, you can get started right from your Square Dashboard:

  1. Navigate to your Square Dashboard > select Online.
  2. Click Get Started.
  3. You can choose to either set up a single online ordering page or a multi-page eCommerce website.
  4. Lastly, choose your business type (i.e. what are you selling?), and order fulfillment method (e.g. shipping, pickup, or delivery).

From here, you can import your item library, and start creating your Square Online store. After setting it up, you can then create item categories manually in the Square Online Overview page.

Note: Categories in Square Online are used to organize the products and services available in your Online store.

Build and expand Square Online with these additional features:

Square Online Pros and Cons


  • Great features at an Affordable price
  • Easy to use website dashboard keeps track of merchandise sales, customer travels and abandoned cart recoveries
  • Inbuilt marketing features support every thing from email marketing to paid advertising.
  • All in one e commerce and payment processing solution


  • Limited space for customization
  • You are going to have to use the square payment gateway to prevent larger trade fees
  • Small larning curve once you first being with the stage
  • Limited feature

Use Square Online along with your Existing Website

If you’ve got a key website and would love to include Square Online to it, you can, for instance, build one ordering page where your buyers can shop your entire catalogue of things only. Once built, you can then add a link to a Square Online shop to your main website’s navigation menu.

To Create one ordering page, pick Single ordering page Once You first sign up for Square Online, or follow these steps:

Proceed to your Square Online Overview webpage .

Select Website > Edit Website.

In the website editor, click on the Page dropdown menu in the upper left.

Under Category pages > Shop All, pick “…” > Make this my homepage.

Delete the rest of the pages by selecting “…” > Publish page.

Under Category webpages , select “…” > Switch template.

Review your options and select Switch.

Finish setting up your single ordering page.

Publish your site to a domain (URL), and add it to your primary site


Square Online account is an excellent way for smaller businesses to take their operations online quickly. Installation is swift, merchandise entrance is seamless, and it is simple to track inventory and orders once your store takes off. Plus, as your business develops, you are able to take advantage of Square’s free POS app for in-person sales, and include on extra ecommerce and marketing instruments to scale your company. Open your free Square account and launch your online store today.